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Thermo Electric

Part Number 8030840001

Semi Conductor Temperature Sensors

TE description: PROFILE T/C ASSEMBLY F=1730

Thermo Electric Instrumentation specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of spike and profile Thermocouples to both OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) and end-users.

Thermo Electric has contributed significantly to temperature sensing developments in the diffusion and oxidation processes. For example, we have developed intelligent solutions such as our profiling sensors and spikes. These developments make extremely compact, multiple applications possible in the wafer stepping process.

We have created a number of proprietary features that increases our guarantee for quality, durability and prevention of contamination:

  • Vacuum testing for profile Thermocouples.
  • Single ceramic insulation sleeves with channels for 5-fold Thermocouples.
  • Lightweight handles - anodised aluminium.
  • Simple assembly features.
  • Positive and negative t/c wires over the whole length (no common return).
  • Batch calibration – we can also provide a RvA accredited calibration certificate from our own accredited laboratory.

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