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MID- temperature measurement: a flow towards the correct bill

Recently Thermo Electric Instrumentation has expanded their vast range of certificates with the MID (European Measuring Instrument Directive) approval.

The goal is to set standards regarding measurement precision for the accurate billing of quantities of liquid or gas. At first glance flow, level, mass and volume seem to be the only parameters that play a role. If you realize however that all these liquids and gases that are being pumped around, stored and payed  for,  expand when they get hotter, and shrink when they get colder, you understand the extra liters or gallons you gain or lose from a few milligrades  of temperature difference, count for quite a sum over the years.


Another application is the measurement of heat flow itself. In this case temperature difference between two or more sensors is used to calculate the amount of energy transferred. This applies for both heating and cooling equipment.

Thermo Electric Instrumentation has been manufacturing instruments for this purpose based on their ISO17025 approval.  However, many of our customers manufacture flowmeters or metering equipment and need to comply with this MID.

As part of the approval procedure, our RTD-sensors were calibrated and witnessed in our own in-house laboratory at different temperatures, ranging from -196 °C to 550 °C, using liquid nitrogen, melting ice and liquid salt baths. Another part of the procedure was about the electrical immunity of our designs.

The main groups of our customers Thermo Electric Instrumentation intends to serve with this feature,  are the main transmitter manufacturers or dcs-system suppliers and the manufacturers of flow metering equipment.

Below : a picture of some of the actual sensors used in the approval process.


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