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‘Proflexi’ Multi-Thermocouples

‘Proflexi’ Multi-Thermocouples assemblies installed and commissioned in brand new Diesel Desulfurizer Unit

Diesel desulfurizer unit

In succession Thermo Electric Instrumentation (the Netherlands) manufactured, installed and commissioned their ‘Proflexi’ Multi-Thermocouples assemblies. This┬átime Thermo Electric Instrumentation was selected to execute the job for a a brand new Diesel Desulfurizer Unit to achieve modern Euro-norms. For this project, 4-fold and 12-fold ‘Proflexi’ Multi-Thermocouples assemblies are routed, fixed and supported inside the reactor to measure at several points on a plane just below or above the tower internals. The project has been supervised by qualified and experienced Thermo Electric Instrumentation staff.

The combination of Thermo Electric Instrumentation’s turn-key management; to do the complete engineering manufacturing, installation and commissioning by one company was one of the key benefits and reasons why Thermo Electric Instrumentation was selected and successfully executed this project. For more information or inquiries, please contact

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