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Thermowells with hidden properties from Thermo Electrics workshop

Many of the thermowells used in oil, gas and chemical production sites have strict demands, and some hidden qualities that don’t meet the eye at first glance. Especially these thermowells in the picture : the original bar they were machined out of, was not just the smallest diameter that would be suitable, but quite a lot larger as per customer specifications.

Even though our machine-shop would have been able to make traces of welding vanish: there is no welding, these wells are made of one piece. Sometimes it is more economical or even desired to machine from forgings, but not for these NACE super duplex beauties. Another thing that doesn’t meet the eye is the concentricity of the bore. Many of these things however do show up on the X-ray pictures and certificates. We supply those with pleasure as it must be reassuring to prove no corners have been cut in high-end applications.

Thermo Electric partners for temperature sensors for LNG gas storage tanks

Gas storage projects are often fascinating due to the sheer size of the equipment. In liquid ammonia we often see 34 meters long multiple thermowells.

In LNG gas storage it is common to have a multitude of direct immersion bendable MI-cables going through a flange. In the recently supplied Chinese based project, individual element length was up to 120 meters. The construction was made up of 14 individual sensors going through a 20” flange. The provided lifting lugs will prove very useful.

The modular setup allowed Thermo Electric Instrumentation to perform in-house pressure tests on the flange, welding and fittings with dummy sensors. In some cases thermocouples are used, especially type T for the lower temperatures. In this case choice was made for RTD’s suitable for the specified temperature range. The second part of the project is expected to be supplied autumn 2016.
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Thermo Electric Instrumentation combines its fields of expertise resulting in a high-end solutions

One of our key customers, serving the energy industry, has trusted us with the development of a high end multipoint skin type temperature assembly.  With an increasing demand for boiler control, performance and reliability, we are faced with an increased demand for temperature measuring points on boiler tubes.

Punching 300 holes for individual sensors, or, in this case 600, as walls are double, was the thing we had to avoid. In the design it was imperative to deal with the movement of the tubes, heating of the measurement by the surroundings, and getting the large number of measurements out.

For the construction of the measurements itself and the appropriate heatshield with refractory, Thermo Electric Instrumentation relied on their extensive experience with petrochemical furnaces.  For the multipoint construction itself we used a method rather standard to us for reactors in chemical applications.

Half of the measuring points and shields were welded on top of the horizontal tubes, the other half on the bottom. As the distances between the tubes change during operation, expansion loops were used to allow for this movement.

Special care was taken to reinforce the feedthroughs for both walls and protect the cable in between. The entire project also called for four large stainless steel junction boxes and hardware such as brackets and supports.

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Critical overhaul of Steam Methane Reformer

Thermo Electric installed significant number of Tube Skin Sensors on catalyst tubes during critical overhaul of Steam Methane Reformer.

Last month Thermo Electric Instrumentation provided welding specialists and instrument supervisors for the installation of our engineered and manufactured temperature sensors for a Steam Methane Reformer overhaul on site at one of our valuable global customers. During this project we have replaced a significant number of tube skin temperature sensor assemblies and delivered and installed additional items at critical locations in order to optimize process controllability.

The combination of excellent coordination with our client in pre-project stage, our expertise and skill set of Thermo Electric Instrumentation’s sensor overhaul management has been the solution and reason why Thermo Electric Instrumentation was chosen as partner. Together with the project consortium, we successfully executed this project to all parties satisfaction.

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Diesel desulfurizer unit

In succession Thermo Electric Instrumentation (the Netherlands) manufactured, installed and commissioned their ‘Proflexi’ Multi-Thermocouples assemblies. This time Thermo Electric Instrumentation was selected to execute the job for a a brand new Diesel Desulfurizer Unit to achieve modern Euro-norms. For this project, 4-fold and 12-fold ‘Proflexi’ Multi-Thermocouples assemblies are routed, fixed and supported inside the reactor to measure at several points on a plane just below or above the tower internals. The project has been supervised by qualified and experienced Thermo Electric Instrumentation staff.

Thermocouple Assemblies with Thermowells

The Power Project is a clean natural gas-fueled, 758-megawatt combined-cycle facility. We supplied Type K Thermocouples with head-mounted transmitters and thermowells from a range of different materials. Thermowell materials were all in accordance with ASME II regulations and consist of SA-105, SA-182 F12 Cl.2, SA-182 F22 Cl.3 and SA-182 F91.

In total over 150 thermowells were manufactured at Thermo Electric Instrumentation facility, all hydrostatic tested and delivered in 3 months, in accordance with all necessary project requirements .

The temperature elements were also manufactured at Thermo Electric Instrumentation and were delivered before the contactual agreed delivery time and again, fully according to all project specifications.

The completed project had a turn around time of approx. half a year.

Thermocouple and RTD Assemblies with Thermowells

Thermo Electric Instrumentation were selected to engineer and manufacture temperature sensors for the Yanbu Export Refinery Project project in cooperation with our local agent in South Korea Haedong Development.

Thermo Electric performed all vibration calculations according to ASME PT19.3 TW-2010 and advised the EPC company Daelim accordingly.

During this engineering process a member of the project team travelled to South Korea to speed up the process and clarify all out standing matters. For this project we had to manufacture more than 1200 temperature assemblies. Including thermocouples, Pt100’s, multipoint thermocouples and tube skin thermocouples. In that same period Thermo Electric had the challenge to manufacture the EPC4 project which contained more than 800 temperature assemblies.

The customer required all materials for both projects in time on site, in which we proudly succeed.

Temperature Elements and Thermowells

Thermo Electric  successfully delivered this project together with our local agent and former sister company Doedijns Middle East. We were selected from a number of suppliers who bided on this project to manufacture and supply Thermocouples including Thermowells for off-shore purposes.

Once again we proved our engineering capabilities by performing vibration calculations according to ASME PTC19.3 TW-2010. We also advised and collaborated with the EPC company McDermott accordingly throughout the design stages in order to ensure we met and exceeded the high standards set by Saudi Aramco.

One of the challenges on this project was the change in specifications midway through. These specifications were changed during the manufacture process, such as flange sizes, immersion lengths and painting requirements. We dealt with all change requests accordingly and the Thermocouples and Thermowells arrived on-site, on time, ready for installation.

Tubeskin Thermocouples

The Power Project is a clean natural gas-fuelled, 758-megawatt combined-cycle facility. This project covered 2 types of sensors in the total project scope of supply, one of the requirements was for tubeskin thermocouples, Type K with a total length of 20 meters. Included in the tubeskin construction were two type of weldpads, made of SA105 and SA182 F91 material. The tube skin thermocouple weld pads were manufactured in accordance with ASME II regulations.

We also supplied Type K Thermocouples with head-mounted transmitters and thermowells from a range of different materials. Thermowell materials were all in accordance with ASME II regulations and consist of SA-105, SA-182 F12 Cl.2, SA-182 F22 Cl.3 and SA-182 F91.

All temperature elements were manufactured at Thermo Electric Instrumentation and were delivered before the contactual agreed delivery time in accordance with all project specifications.

High Temperature Assemblies with Ceramic Thermowells

The combination of our high quality industrial temperature sensors (from our own product line: Thermo Electric) supplied with the Emerson temperature transmitter.

The project was handled by the Thermo Electric Instrumentation project team. We have considerable expertise with projects of this scale.

The Acid gas treatment project was delivered exactly to our clients specifications.

All projects expectations were met, as a joint cooperation with Haedong, Daelim, Jubail and Emerson – leading to a successful final solution.

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