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One of our key customers, serving the energy industry, has trusted us with the development of a high end multipoint skin type temperature assembly.  With an increasing demand for boiler control, performance and reliability, we are faced with an increased demand for temperature measuring points on boiler tubes.

Punching 300 holes for individual sensors, or, in this case 600, as walls are double, was the thing we had to avoid. In the design it was imperative to deal with the movement of the tubes, heating of the measurement by the surroundings, and getting the large number of measurements out.

For the construction of the measurements itself and the appropriate heatshield with refractory, Thermo Electric Instrumentation relied on their extensive experience with petrochemical furnaces.  For the multipoint construction itself we used a method rather standard to us for reactors in chemical applications.

Half of the measuring points and shields were welded on top of the horizontal tubes, the other half on the bottom. As the distances between the tubes change during operation, expansion loops were used to allow for this movement.

Special care was taken to reinforce the feedthroughs for both walls and protect the cable in between. The entire project also called for four large stainless steel junction boxes and hardware such as brackets and supports.

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