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Thermo Electric

Thermo Electric partners for temperature sensors for LNG gas storage tanks

Gas storage projects are often fascinating due to the sheer size of the equipment. In liquid ammonia we often see 34 meters long multiple thermowells.

In LNG gas storage it is common to have a multitude of direct immersion bendable MI-cables going through a flange. In the recently supplied Chinese based project, individual element length was up to 120 meters. The construction was made up of 14 individual sensors going through a 20” flange. The provided lifting lugs will prove very useful.

The modular setup allowed Thermo Electric Instrumentation to perform in-house pressure tests on the flange, welding and fittings with dummy sensors. In some cases thermocouples are used, especially type T for the lower temperatures. In this case choice was made for RTD’s suitable for the specified temperature range. The second part of the project is expected to be supplied autumn 2016.
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