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Thermo Electric

Renewal Marine & Offshore approvals


The TEI type-approval for :logo bureau veritas

  • thermometers, temperature sensors for refrigerating plants
  • thermocouple temperature sensors for diesel engines
  • resistance temperatures sensors for diesel engines
  • thermocouple sensors for diesel exhaust gas temperatures
  • temperature sensors / probes / transducers

    has been renewed by Bureau Veritas. The approval is valid until July 2021.


The approval is also valid for AUT-UMS, AUT-CCS, AUT-PORT and AUT-IMS meaning :

  • UMS- Unattended Machinery SpacesMarine
  • CCS – Centralized Control Station
  • PORT – Automated Operation in Port
  • IMS – Integrated Machinery Spaces

Along with these temperature sensors which are manufactured in Waddinxveen, we also offer other sensors with Marine-approvals such as pressure sensors made by Gems and Besta level switches.


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