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The Thermo Electric Instrumentation laboratory is much more than yet another calibration facility…

The Thermo Electric Instrumentation laboratory is much more than yet another calibration facility. The entire staff is continuously striving to maximize its usefulness and support. For some customers this means a down time saver, because they can enter the instrument data and skip time consuming adjustment procedures. For others it’s a one-time shopping because it is possible to combine temperature, electrical and time based measurements.

For various reasons, such as:

– price; dsc_7470klf

– lead time;

– accuracy;

– problem solving;

– customer specific methods;

– qualification procedures;

– clean room suitable calibration with corresponding packaging;

Thermo Electric offers an in-house portfolio that comprises:

– ISO-17025 (ILAC, COFRAC,  etc.) calibration;

– Thermo Electric Instrumentation calibration;

– production line calibration;

– batch calibration;

– programming (which isn’t really calibration) including Callendar van Dusen;

– adjustment (not really calibration either).

It is imperative to clearly understand the customers’ definition and description of calibration. For example, batch calibrations sometimes are defined as merely the data of the MI-cable without any real measurements, sometimes customers desire specific parts of a batch to be calibrated as an instrument, and sometimes according to the ISO17025 procedures.

The desired accuracy and the related uncertainty often merit a week long training to reveal the magic of statistics.

Other information our experienced sales department needs to carefully distill out of specifications or inquire from customers, relate to things like insertion depth and the actual range the desired accuracy relates to. At first glance insertion depth may seem to be irrelevant, however, heating a type K thermocouple for annealing or calibration purposes causes a change. The part that sticks out of the equipment during calibration remains rather unchanged. Still, combined in one instrument, these two hold the promise of an inhomogeneity, causing errors when a temperature difference over that location occurs.

In order to achieve the impressive measurement capabilities as listed on , and still be able to perform within an interesting price range and time frame,  Thermo Electric offers :

  • the people;
  • the environment;
  • the equipment.

The people: a senior calibration engineer with industry wide renowned knowledge, calibration engineers, experienced sales engineers and inspired management.

The environment: a “clean-room” laboratory, where temperature, humidity and stress levels are well managed.

The equipment:
– high end tube furnaces to reach 1500 °C within ISO17025;
– liquid salt bath to be able to offer a CMC of 0,092 °C at 600 °C;
– motion guide system to position multi level sensors as part of a fully automated cost saving system;
– liquid baths, triple point cells, other primary and work-standards;
– programming / communication equipment for HART®, bus systems and major transmitter

Apart from our own quality system and the ISO-17025 accreditation, our facility is very active in participation in inter laboratory comparisons worldwide. These comparisons show our customers, auditors and us that our measurements hold a high level of reliability.
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