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Thermo Electric Instrumentation strengthens its focus on furnace and boiler industry

Thermo Electric Instrumentation strengthens its focus on furnace and boiler industry, revolutionary design meets customer design and performance criteria

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In the field of tube skin or boiler temperature sensors Thermo Electric Instrumentation has much to offer. The way Thermo Electric Instrumentation knows how to combine knowledge, portfolio, research, welding and project management is a key factor to the success.

First and foremost Thermo Electric Instrumentation is able and willing to take a closer look into the exact needs and expectations of the end user. The extensive feedback and investigations have resulted in a number of special features with a proven track record.

Being able to avoid bending during elongation of the boiler tubes has provided us with the possibility to come up with an extremely resistant construction, with ceramic plasma coatings. This very same development gave us the opportunity to develop a truly online retractable skin thermocouple. Both have been tested and investigated thoroughly. After years of service, the online retractable skin thermocouple proved easy and useful. The resistance to the harsh combustion environments has been investigated through a number of destructive and non-destructive tests, and the mere fact that they have outlived their predecessors by far proves this.

When to use a shield, the location of the thermocouple  within the shield and the dimensioning, positioning and welding are, as expected, of key importance to the reduced influence of the irradiation by the burners and heat flow from the gasses.

Nevertheless, the more classic and standard designs with expansion coils and regular weld pads or offline retractable designs show an ever increasing demand, especially when combined with the more resistant alloys and our project support during the exciting period of a shut down or revamp.

The revolutionary new  “non-welding” design has been in service for over a year now. Measurement output is much closer to reality, due to an improved contact between tube and thermocouple sheath. Expect us to keep you informed over the years to come.

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