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Tube Skin Temperature Sensors

Thermo Electric Instrumentation manufactures and supplies radiant tube skin temperature sensors across a variety of industrial sectors. Tube skin thermocouples accurately measure surface temperature in fired process furnaces and boilers. The sensor comes with a protection pad (weld pad) at the tip of the thermocouple. The protection pad is designed to minimise disruption and damage to the device, caused by flame impingement and radiant heat.

There are a number of applications for tube skin thermocouples. Each process requires sensors that are purposely designed and matched with the furnace or boiler.


For a tube skin temperature sensor to work at its optimum range, the thermocouple sheath must remain in close contact with the tube. The weld pad should be positioned at the critical point and the remaining cable should be routed away from the direct heat – along the coolest side of the vessel. This installation technique is important as it allows the thermocouple to utilise the process tube as a heat sink.

In addition to the weld pad we also offer expansion loops as part of our design considerations. A furnace can experience a movement of between 50 mm and 350 mm, from start up, to reach its process temperature.

If such incremental expansions are not considered through the integration of expansion loops, the Tube Skin Thermocouple will be subjected to strain and even breakage. Expansion loops are therefore recommended to ensure the optimum lifetime of the Thermocouples helping to reduce commissioning and maintenance problems.

Thermo Electric Instrumentation designs and manufacturers Tube Skin temperature sensors which can be matched to your process conditions. There are a variety of designs such as: Weld-pad or constructions with or without a protection-pad.


In addition to weld end construction types we also offer a range of standard and exclusive sheath materials. Mineral Insulated cable used in the manufacture of tube skin temperature sensors can be supplied with SS310, SS446, Hastelloy or HR160 sheath.

Our experienced staff are always available to assist you with your sensing requirements. We only select the highest grades of materials based on your applications.

Our production procedures and quality control system is fully certified by Lloyds quality register and our reputation for consistent excellence in Tube Skin sensor manufacturing speaks for itself.

We have been designing and manufacturing industrial tube skin temperature sensors for over 50 years. Thermo Electric Instrumentation has been fortunate enough to become the preferred temperature sensor supplier on some of the largest industrial projects across the globe.


Our tube skin temperature sensors are manufactured from mineral insulated cable. We offer different types of sheath materials depending on the application. The sheath can be further protected with a second outer sheath, for example: fiber frax sleeve. We also offer a double outer sheath comprising of two different types of materials.

Diameters available from 1,5mm (1/16”) upto 12,7mm (1/2”) in all metric and imperial sizes. All constructions longer than 1.000 mm will be supplied with weld clamps. We also provide installation, operation and maintenance instructions should this be required.

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