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Thermo Electric

High Pressure Temperature Sensors

Thermo Electric Instrumentation manufactures and supplies High Pressure (LDPE) temperature sensors across a variety of industrial sectors. The Thermo Electric brand has a reputation of producing quality engineered devices. It is for this reason that we are recognised within the top engineering and construction design houses across the globe.

We have been awarded a number of high profile projects based on our depth of knowledge and experience in the supply of such critical assemblies. Our sensors have been used in High Pressure industrial process applications for over 30 years.


All of our high pressure temperature assemblies are custom built to your exact specifications. In order to maintain a consistent level of quality we only employ vacuum brazing on all pressurised joints. Our vacuum brazing is a completely automated control technique which eliminates human error during the soldering process.

We make selections regarding the types of brazing alloys used, based on the process conditions. The most suitable brazing alloy is then selected with a strong emphasis on gold based alloys. These exhibit characteristics of outstanding strength and adherence. Our engineering and design staff are always available to help you with your designs.

The integral part to our high pressure thermocouples is the heavy wall mineral insulated thermocouple cable. Our thermocouples can be supplied in standard or premium grade materials, as well as a variety of sheath diameters. In addition to a design and manufacturing service we can also provide calibration certificates for each sensor. Our in house calibration laboratory can issue certificates which are fully traceable to international standards.


The conductors are isolated from the outer sheath by high purity magnesium oxide (MgO) which assures long term stability for the mV output. The hot junction can be grounded or ungrounded from the outer sheath – a grounded thermocouple junction is recommended if fast response times are required.

We offer a large number of designs: screwed, clamped or ring (waver, lens and cone) types are available to meet customer specifications. Extra precaution is taken to ensure the surface finish of the sealing area is protected during manufacturing and transit – a damaged seal area can result in unacceptable leaks. The device can be then connected to your instrumentation by using flexible (braided) wires, quick coupling connectors or industrial junction boxes.

When designing high pressure sensors a number of conditions have to be considered:

  • Corrosion
  • Fatigue
  • Brittleness
  • Thermal and mechanical stress


When designing high pressure thermocouples, consideration must be given to the corrosive nature and conditions of the application. Corrosion proof materials can be selected for most conditions, these materials must be suitable at temperatures across the entire operating range. Our experienced engineers advise you in selecting the optimum materials based on your process conditions.


Twisting, flexing and vibration are also critical factors to consider. Choosing the wrong material can result in premature failure of the sensor and costly process down time. Our industry experience can help guide you through this selection process.

Our manufacturing excellence procedures and our complete control over the entire assembly process ensures that our high pressure temperature sensors are of the highest quality. All of our sensors are supplied with hot junction and brazing joint X-rays.

Each sensor is supplied with all required certificates. We can also supply further additional testing if required:


• Temperature calibration • Ultrasonic inspection • Magnetic particle • Liquid penetration • Helium leak • Liquid nitrogen • Positive Material Identification (PMI) • Pressure testing (up to 7,000 Bar)


• Strenght • Stress rupture • Hardness test • Fracture toughness • Dynamic tear • Impact: sharpy V

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