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Thermo Electric

Thermowells with hidden properties from Thermo Electrics workshop

Many of the thermowells used in oil, gas and chemical production sites have strict demands, and some hidden qualities that don’t meet the eye at first glance. Especially these thermowells in the picture : the original bar they were machined out of, was not just the smallest diameter that would be suitable, but quite a lot larger as per customer specifications.

Even though our machine-shop would have been able to make traces of welding vanish: there is no welding, these wells are made of one piece. Sometimes it is more economical or even desired to machine from forgings, but not for these NACE super duplex beauties. Another thing that doesn’t meet the eye is the concentricity of the bore. Many of these things however do show up on the X-ray pictures and certificates. We supply those with pleasure as it must be reassuring to prove no corners have been cut in high-end applications.

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