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Thermo Electric

Gas Turbine Temperature Sensors

Thermo Electric manufactures and supplies Gas Turbine Temperature Sensors for a variety of sectors. Gas turbine temperature sensors measure the temperature at different points in a turbine, from the exhaust temperature to the bearing temperature.

In order to handle such demanding variations, exhaust gas temperature sensors must be of high quality, extremely robust and reliable.

The Thermo Electric brand has been synonymous with temperature sensors for over 50 years. Our original temperature sensors were designed to specifically measure exhaust gasses from aircraft engines.

We are proud to remain a major supplier to OEM’s and end users for a complete range of gas turbine temperature sensors.


Our experienced staff are always available to assist you with your sensing requirements. We only select the highest grade of materials based on your applications. Our production procedures and quality control system are fully certified by Lloyds Quality Register and our reputation for consistent excellence in industrial sensor manufacturing speaks for itself.

Gas turbine temperature sensors are manufactured from mineral insulated cable. Depending on your application, these can be supplied in various grades of stainless steel and exotic alloys.


We offer thermocouples and Pt100 RTD sensors which come in a variety of standard and nonstandard constructions, including vibration proof for high demanding applications such as pneumatic compressors and bearing temperature measurement.

We recommend that mineral insulated cable is used for gas turbine applications and we offer this on all of our devices. The durability and practicality of this type of cable allows us to provide specific construction types to suit most applications and processes. All of our mineral insulated cable comes with manufacturer batch certificates for traceability purpose.


For thermocouple type sensors we offer either grounded or ungrounded end constructions, depending on the type of measurement that is required. Each temperature sensor is tested in-house according the applicable standards. Our in-house laboratory meets the stringent requirements of ILAC, Corfac, RvA and other international NAMAS certifications.


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