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Critical overhaul of Steam Methane Reformer

Thermo Electric installed significant number of Tube Skin Sensors on catalyst tubes during critical overhaul of Steam Methane Reformer.

Last month Thermo Electric Instrumentation provided welding specialists and instrument supervisors for the installation of our engineered and manufactured temperature sensors for a Steam Methane Reformer overhaul on site at one of our valuable global customers. During this project we have replaced a significant number of tube skin temperature sensor assemblies and delivered and installed additional items at critical locations in order to optimize process controllability.

The combination of excellent coordination with our client in pre-project stage, our expertise and skill set of Thermo Electric Instrumentation’s sensor overhaul management has been the solution and reason why Thermo Electric Instrumentation was chosen as partner. Together with the project consortium, we successfully executed this project to all parties satisfaction.

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