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Thermo Electric

A Strengthened Management Team For Growth

Strengthened Management Team Goes Full Throttle For Growth

Thermo Electric who specialise in designing and manufacturing temperature sensors and instrumentation, became independent from parent company DGI in 2013.


On the first of February 2016 Martin Rosmolen came on board as the new CEO to strengthen the management team. He says “A carve-out like this is always a bit sensitive as the company has to learn to stand on its own two feet. The privatisation process was managed extremely well by co-Director Jan-Willem Noordermeer and now we truly have a company that is proud of its own identity. Together we are ready to conquer the worldwide target markets.”


Martin Rosmolen will now lead the next development phase of the company. As Chief Operational Officer with DGI he gained wide-ranging experience in take-overs and developing and implementing similar strategies. In the new management formation Jan-Willem Noordermeer will be staying on as COO. Thermo Electric is heading towards a challenging and interesting scale-up through autonomous growth and acquisitions.

Martin Rosmolen continues “This is exactly the right time for Thermo Electric to take the next step. We are focusing on our worldwide clientele, such as original equipment manufacturers and distributed control system suppliers. Presenting solutions and inviting longterm partnerships. We are also expanding our existing activities and capacity. Our track record is built on our specialised made-to-measure approach and comprehensive knowledge of the process and manufacturing industry. We are ready to take off!”

I am pleased to put my experience in strategic positioning, commerce and acquisition to work for Thermo Electric. In the last two years this company has been perfectly prepped for the steps we are now planning to take. Martin Rosmolen, CEO Thermo Electric.

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