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Maximising Efficiency with Tube Skin Temperature Measurement

Maximising Efficiency and Accuracy in Furnace Monitoring with Tube Skin Temperature Measurement 

In this article, we will explore the importance of tube skin temperature measurement in furnace monitoring and how the use of expansion loops, weld pads, and protection pads can enhance the reliability and longevity of the temperature sensors. We will also delve into the various designs available for tube skin temperature sensors so that you can choose the best one for your specific process conditions and requirements. 

So, let’s get started on understanding the significance of tube skin temperature measurement and how to maximise efficiency and accuracy in furnace monitoring.

Furnaces, heaters, and boilers are essential components in many industrial processes and play a critical role in the production of goods and services. They are responsible for heating materials to the required temperature for processing and are therefore critical for the efficient operation of many industries. To ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy in furnace monitoring, it is important to use a reliable and accurate temperature measurement system. One such system is the Tube Skin Temperature measurement system. 

Tube Skin Temperature measurement is a process of measuring the temperature of the outer surface of a furnace, heater or boiler tube. The tube skin temperature provides valuable information about the heat transfer processes taking place within the furnace, heater or boiler. By measuring the tube skin temperature, it is possible to detect and diagnose problems such as unequal heat distribution, furnace imbalances, and changes in process conditions that can affect the efficiency and accuracy of the furnace. This information can be used to optimise the furnace operation and improve the overall efficiency of the process. 

The Tube Skin Temperature measurement system is typically made up of a thermocouple and a weld pad or protection pad. The thermocouple measures the temperature of the tube skin by converting the thermal energy into electrical energy. The weld pad or protection pad is used to protect the thermocouple from damage and to ensure reliable temperature readings. The weld pad is designed to be welded directly onto the furnace, heater or boiler tube, while the protection pad is designed to be clamped onto the tube. Both the weld pad and protection pad play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the temperature measurements. 

In addition to the weld pad, expansion loops are also offered as part of the design considerations for the Tube Skin Temperature measurement system. Furnaces can experience a movement of between 50 mm and 350 mm from start-up to reach its process temperature. If these incremental expansions are not considered through the integration of expansion loops, the Tube Skin Thermocouple will be subjected to strain and even breakage. Expansion loops are therefore recommended to ensure the optimum lifetime of the thermocouples, helping to reduce commissioning and maintenance problems. 

Thermo Electric Instrumentation designs and manufactures Tube Skin temperature sensors that can be matched to most process conditions and there are a variety of designs available, including weld-pad or constructions with or without a protection-pad.  

Contact us to discuss how our unique designs ensure that your furnace temperature sensors are able to withstand the demanding conditions of the furnace, heater or boiler, and, provide accurate and reliable temperature readings. 






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